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I am a STREAM student appreciating, learning and exploring the world of engineering, computer science and fine arts. I am currently based out of Cupertino, California.

  • I consider myself as a compulsive artist constantly drawing inspiration from nature and translating it with my own brush strokes on the canvas.

  • Sketching, drawing and painting are my primary artistic expressions to create renditions of nature, landscapes and abstracts with a touch of impressionism. I also have digital art skills with Adobe Illustrator 2020 and done document layouting and publishing with Adobe InDesign 2020.

  • One of my favourite early artwork (sold) is All You Need is Love which my dad and I did together to create this unique concept, sketched and painted it together. Do appreciate and comment on it if you get the concept. Hint: Your iPhone camera can be quite handy :)

  • My artwork got featured in JaamZin Creative Magazine December 2020 issue and thier blog at

  • Some of my latest artwork is below. Please do check out my Behance profile for more work.

The Dare of a Braveheart

Acrylic on Canvasboard
Kristen Visbal's "Fearless Girl" installation art at Wall Street has touched me on many levels with its bold and evocative message. It has inspired me to recreate it as my red and black themed rendition “The Dare of a Braveheart” with acrylics on canvas. It is an expression of courage and fearlessness of a girl standing, daring and fighting an intimidating world.


Acrylic on Canvas
I am fascinated by Rajasthani architecture, artwork and its vibrant color palette. I painted a Baori (Stepwell) as my tribute to one of the architectural masterpieces of the princely but arid Indian state of Rajasthan. Baoris were constructed for conserving rainwater to provide relief during hot summer months. These structures have intricate symmetrical steps pleasing to the eyes and dark emerald water oozing calm and coolness. Our modern world can certainly admire the aesthetics and also take inspiration from it to solve the water crisis.

Woman at the Well

Color pencils on paper
Sketch with color pencils.

The Eye

Color pencils on paper
Sketch with color pencils.

My software projects and experiments

I started with Scratch programming early but in learned JavaScript and Java programming at my High School. I am creating easy to follow step-by-step Java learning guide focusing on Java basics, Object Oriented Programming and Swing for GUI development.

  • Java Learning ground -
  • Java GUI using Swing -
  • Java Collections -

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